backKent MM Cina Maritama [cina]

Cina is pre-eminently a child's remedy, but it is suitable for conditions in adults that are seldom thought of. A marked feature running through is touchiness, mental and physical. The child wants something, but does not know what. The child is aggravated by touch and even by being looked at, and is worse from seeing strangers. The skin is sensitive to touch. The scalp and back of the neck, the shoulders and arms are so sensitive, that it is almost a soreness as if bruised. The hyperaesthesia is both mental and physical. The old routine of giving Cina for worms need not go into your notes for if you are guided by symptoms the patient will be cured and the worms will go.

This patient is disturbed by everything, worse after eating even a moderate meal. The child takes a moderate supper and dreams all night, jerks and twitches in sleep, rouses up in a fright, talks excitedly about what he has dreamed, thinks it is real

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