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Natural order. - Lauraceae. Common name. - Cinnamon,

Habitat. - A small evergreen tree, native of Ceylon. Preparation.- Tincture from the coarsely powdered bark.

Through the cerebro-spinal nervous system, Cinnamon affects the non-striated muscles of the vascular system , resulting in haemorrhages. It is only useful as a homoeopathic remedy for uterine haemorrhage when the latter is very profuse and of a bright-red color. Old-school authorities regard Cinnamon as a general stimulant to the vascular and nervous systems, and consider that it promotes the assimilative functions. Dr. E. Darwin Jones reports, in Allen's Encyclopedia, an interesting case of a child where haemorrhages of clear bright blood occurred from the bowels, with epistaxis, from sipping Cinnamon tea. As Cinnamon increases labor pains and checks profuse haemorrhage, it is sometimes used instead of Ergot for such purposes.

Compare.- Erigeron, Ipec, Millef., Sabina.

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