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Synonym- Clematis Erecta. Natural order.- Ranunculaceae. Common name. - Upright Virgin's Bower. Habitat. - A plant native of Central Southern Europe. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh leaves and stems.

Acts especially upon the skin, the lymphatic glandular system, and the genito-urinary organs.

Head.- Eruption on occiput (Lyc., Petrol., Sep.), extending down the neck, moist sore, with crawling and stinging, itching : often drying up in scales ; itching worse when getting warm in bed (Merc): only slight temporary relief from scratching.

Ears.- Burning pains in the auricles, with heat.

Eyes. - Inflammation of the eyes; smarting and rawness. Eyes red and glittering, hot and dry. Inflammation of the whites, with lachrymation. Biting, burning pain in the eyes, as if fire streamed out of them. Dryness and heat, compelling to close the lids. Sensitive to air. Pupils contracted. Sensation of a veil before the eyes. Pain in the middle of left eyeball. Pressure in orbits on moving the eyes.

Mouth.- Toothache worse on assuming the horizontal position in bed; better for a short time from cold water (Bism., Coff.); or drawing in the air; worse from warmth of bed (Merc.) ; from crumb of bread.

Abdomen. - Increased sensitiveness of both inguinal regions. Swelling and induration of the inguinal glands (Calc. c, Nitr. ac); with pricking pains; tension when walking. Sensitiveness of inguinal region. Sensation in ring and inguinal glands as if a swelling would form.

Stool.- Constipation (Alum., Bry., Calc. c, Nwjc v., Op.).

Urinary Organs.- Interrupted flow of urine (Coni.), with burning during, but most at the beginning of micturition, or during the interruptions. Long-lasting contraction and constriction of the urethra. Unable to evacuate all the urine at once.

Male Organs. - Swelling of right half of scrotum (Puls.) ; testicles relaxed, hanging down (Camph., Sulph.). Painful, inflamed and sivollen testicles (Rhod., Spong.). Pain in testicle drawing to spermatic cord (Spong.). Right spermatic cord sensitive, testicle drawn up (Rhod.).

Skin.- Painful swelling and induration of glands (Calc. c, Iodi.). Moist, itching eczema (Petrol., Graph., Merc); worse from washing in cold water ; from warmth of bed (Alum., Merc.) ; from w T et poultices.

Compare.- Ars., Acon., Berb., Bry., Calc. c, Cimic, Coni., Graph., Merc, Petrol., Puls., Ranunc, Rhod., Rhus tox., Sil.,. Sulph.

Antidotes.- Bry., for the toothache. Camph.


An excellent remedy in scrofulous and mercurial affections, (^specially diseases of the glands and skin. Of the former the drug is particularly useful in orchitis, especially from suppressed gonorrhoea, though it may come from other causes. The right t< si icle is most often affected ; pain worse at night from warmth of bed. Epididymitis. Has proved curative in leucorrhoea, acrid and corrosive, with shooting pains in breasts, worse when urinating. Indurations and tumors in mammary glands, very painful to touch (possibly of a scirrhous nature). Swelling and inflammation of inguinal glands, painful at night. In the first stages of the inflammatory stricture of the urethra with urinary symptoms already given. Cystitis. Eczema. Crusta lactea ; moist, itching ; worse from warmth of bed ; mostly on occiput. Said to be moist during an increasing moon and dry when the moon is waning. Eczema following suppressed gonorrhoea. Scrofulous ophthalmia; pustular. Iritis from cold, with great heat, dryness, photophobia, lachrymation and sensitiveness to cold air. Chronic syphilitic iritis, worse at night ; after mercury.

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