back Clematis Erecta

This is a good remedy for gonorrhœa when there are on account of slow or intermittent flow of urine indications of formation of a stricture, and will, if given early (high), often prevent it So much pain and suffering often necessitating operation for the relief of stricture has been experienced that everything possible should be done to avert it. In the first place the cauterization method, or fashionable local treatment, is responsible for nearly, if not quite, all strictures. I know that such practice is neither scientific nor curative in the remotest sense, and on the other hand I know that constitutional treatment alone is adequate to cure (not simply suppress) the worst cases, and that in the shortest possible time. Another use for Clematis is for curing the orchitis arising from the suppression of gonorrhœa, or when it may have extended to the testicles without such suppression, which latter condition seldom occurs. The testicle becomes greatly swollen, and if not promptly relieved becomes indurated and hard as a stone. I have cured this very promptly with Clematis. Pulsatilla is undoubtedly the remedy oftenest indicated in orchitis from suppressed gonorrhœa, but if after it has reduced the pain and restored the discharge it fails to reduce the swelling or induration, Clematis will do the rest. It has not disappointed me. Clematis has a symptom similar to Coffea, viz., "Toothache relieved by holding cold water in the mouth."

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