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Erythroxylon Coca Linea

For persons who are wearing out under the physical and mental strain of a busy life; who suffer from exhausted nerves and brains (compare, Fluor-ac.).

Melancholy, from nervous exhaustion; bashful, timid, ill at ease in society.

Sad, irritable; delights in solitude and obscurity.

Longing for alcoholic liquors and tabacco; for the accustomed stimulants.

Want of breath: in those engaged in athletic sports; shortness of breath, in old people; in those who use tabacco and whiskey to excess.

Haemoptysis, with oppression of chest and dyspnoea. Sleepy, but can find no rest anywhere.

Violent palpitation: from incarcerated flatus (Arg-n., Nux); from overexertion; from heart strain (Arn., Bor., Caust.).

Bad effects: from mountain climbing or ballooning (Ars.); of stimulants, alcohol, tabacco.

Prevents caries of teeth.

Relations. - Compare: patient desires light and company, Stram.; desires darkness and solitude, Coca.

Was first used as a tobacco antidote.

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