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Synonym. - Erythroxylon Coca. Natural order. - Linea Habitat. - A shrub indigenous to Peru and Bolivia. Preparation. - Tincture from the coarsely powdered dried leaves.

Coca stimulates the nerve centers, without engorging their substance and disordering their functions like alcohol, opium and hashish. It has in a marked degree the property belong- ing to this class of substances, of diminishing tissue waste, so that while under its influence there is little need of food, the bowels are costive, and the urine is deficient in solid matters. (Hughes). According to Allen, " its remote effects are disas- trous."

Mind. - Mild cerebral excitement; hallucinations (Anac, Hyos., Stram.). Excited fancies; wonderful visions (Can. ind.). Lively mood; inclination for mental work (Angust., Coff. c, Lach.). Depressed; apprehensive; irritable; morose. Mind much clearer; spirits much better. Very changeable mood (Acon., Aur., Ign., Nux m.).

Head. - Confusion of the head; vertigo. Headache; fullness and pressive pain in forehead. Dull frontal headache; better on walking in the open air. Sensation as if a band were stretched over forehead, from temple to temple (Gels., Chel., Merc, Nitr. ac). Pressing pain in temples. Pressive head- ache in occiput (Gels., Nux v.); as if held from ear to ear in a vise.

Eyes. - Pressure and pain in the eyes. Heaviness of the lids (Caust., Coni., Gels., Natr. carb.). Great photophobia and dilated pupils (Bell.). Flickering, fiery points and flashes before the eyes (Agar., Cycl., Merc, Phos., Sulph.).

Ears.- Hearing painfully 'acute (Coff. c, Op.). Singing, roaring, and ringing in the ears (Cinch., Merc).

Nose. - Sneezing, and running of clear water from the nose. Heat and irritation in nostrils.

Mouth.- Dryness of the mouth on waking. Taste : salt, slimy, bitter (Bry., Nux v., Cinch., Puls.).

Throat. - Hawking up of small, transparent lumps of mucus, chiefly in morning. Tickling in fauces and pharynx.

Stomach. - Great hunger; loss of appetite. Very little need of nourishment; even during heavy work, with remarkable vigor. Great satiety. Active digestion. Eructations. Feeling of emptiness of stomach (Carls., Hydras., Ign., Sep., Sulph.).

Abdomen. - Abdomen distended, with much rumbling. Colic pains; passage of much flatulence (Cinch., Carb. v., Lyc., Sulph.).

Stool.- Urging to stool, followed by natural evacuation. Constipation.

Urinary Organs. - Frequent urination, with increased flow (Phos. ac). Decrease of solids in urine. Urine containing yellowish-red or orange-colored sediment.

Male Organs.- Weakness; seminal emissions, with voluptuous dreams (Agn., Cinch., Coni., Phos., Phos. ac).

Female Organs.- Menses, after being delayed, come in gushes, awakening from a sound sleep.

Respiratory Organs.- Tickling and irritation to cough in t rachea and larynx. Tickling cough causes tingling. Cough in the morning with expectoration of tenacious, thick, whit- ish, yellow i mi ens, as in chronic catarrh. No want of breath on ascending. Incessant dyspnoea, with desire to take a deep breath. Great freedom in chest and whole body; feels fresh and vigorous, with desire to walk rapidly. Heaviness and oppression of the chest.

Heart and Pulse. - Nervous palpitation of the heart. (Asaf., Coff. c, Coccul., Ign.). Pulse weak and accelerated; increased arterial tension.

Generalities. - Great physical vigor and great endurance, in spite of slight nourishment and little sleep. Nervous excitement, followed finally by weakness, tremulousness and exhaustion (Cinch.). Great lightness while climbing a mountain, without any respiratory trouble. Great weariness, very tired and sleepy. Chewers finally die of general consumption. Chronic sleeplessness (Cimic, Coff., Hyos., Op.). All symptoms better in the open air and after dinner.

Compare.- Coff. c. Coca is used by the natives of South America as we use coffee, tea and tobacco.


Has been used chiefly to promote digestion, produce sleep, relieve nervous excitement, and alleviate spasms; also to pre- vent difficulty of breathing on ascending, or from exertion in a highly rarefied atmosphere : derangements of the nervous sys- tem from onanism or sexual excesses; relieves nervous over- action in heart disease; insomnia from nervous excitement; old people who get out of breath easily; nervous excitement; dysp- noea, etc. After abuse of tobacco; nervous sick headache; chronic atonic constipation, other symptoms agreeing.

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