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An Alkaloid from Opium CODEINUM

Trembling of whole body. Involuntary twitching of muscles of arms and lower limbs. Itching, with feeling of warmth, numbness and prickling. Diabetes.

Head.--Pain from occiput to back of neck. Skin of face and scalp sore after neuralgia.

Eyes.--Involuntary twitching of lids (Agar).

Stomach.--Spasmodic pain at pit of stomach. Eructations. Great thirst, with desire for bitter substances.

Respiratory.--Short and irritating cough; worse, at night. Copious, purulent expectoration. Night cough of phthisis.

Relationship.--Compare: Opium; Agaricus; Hyoscy; Ammon brom.

Dose.--One-quarter of a grain doses to third trituration.

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