Colchicum Autumnale

Common Names:autumn crocus, meadow saffron or naked lady
Aggravation:Mental emotion or exhaustion; effects of hard study; odor of cooking food.

[Colchicum autumnale, commonly known as autumn crocus, meadow saffron or naked lady, is a flower that resembles the true crocuses, but blooms in autumn. Read more...]

Colchicum Autumnale : Autumnal dysentery. Violent colic & tenesmus in abdomen like Merc. relief after passing of stool; distension and blood with mucus. < damp weather. Great prostration. (30C)

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy

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