back Conium Maculatum

Hemlock Poison Umbelliferae

The "Balm of Gilead" for diseases of old maids and women during and after climacteric.

Especially for diseases of old men; old maids; old bachelors; with rigid muscular fibre; persons with light hair who are easily excited; strong persons of sedentary habits.

Debility of old people; complaints caused by a blow or fall; cancerous and scrofulous persons with enlarged glands; rigid fibre.

No inclination for business or study; indolent, indifferent, takes no interest in anything.

Memory weak, unable to sustain any mental effort.

Morose; easily vexed; domineering, quarrelsome, scolds, will not bear contradiction (Aur.); excitement of any kind causes mental depression.

Dreads being alone, yet avoids society (Kali-c., Lyc.).

Glandular induration of stony hardness; of mammae and testicles in persons of cancerous tendency; after bruises and injuries of glands (compare, Aster. rub.).

Breasts sore, hard and painful before and during menstruation (Lac c., Kali c.).

Vertigo: especially when lying down or turning in bed; moving the head slightly, or even the eyes; must keep the head perfectly still; on turning the head to the left (Col.); of old people; with ovarian and uterine complaints.

Cough: in spasmodic paroxysms caused by dry spot in larynx (in throat, Act.); with itching in chest and throat (Iod.); worse at night, when lying down, and during pregnancy (Caust., Kali br.).

Great difficulty in voiding urine; flow intermits, then flows again; prostratic or uterine affections.

Menses: feeble, suppressed; too late, scanty, of short duration; with rash of small red pimples over body which ceases with the flow (Dul.); stopped by taking cold; by putting hands in cold water (Lac-d.).

Leucorrhoea: ten days after menses (Bor., Bov.); acrid; bloody; milky; profuse; thick; intermits.

Bad effects: of suppressed sexual desire, or suppressed menses; non-gratification of sexual instinct, or from excessive indulgence.

Aversion to light without inflammation of eyes; worse from using eyes in artificial light; often the students' remedy for night work; intense photophobia (Psor.).

Sweat day and night, as soon as one sleeps, or even when closing the eyes (Cinch.).

Relations. - Patients requiring Conium often improve from wine or stimulants, though persons susceptible to Conium cannot take alcoholic stimulants when in health.

Compare: Arn., Rhus in contusions; Ars., Aster, in cancer; Cal., Psor. in glandular swellings.

Is followed well: by, Psor. in tumors of mammae with threatening malignancy.

Aggravation. - At night; lying down; turning or rising up, in bed; celibacy.

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