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Convallaria Majus. Natural order. - Liliacese. Common name -Lily of the Valley. Habitat. - A perennial herb found in shady woods from Virginia to Georgia, but cultivated farther north. Preparation.- Tincture of the entire fresh plant.

Phis drug has a profound action upon the heart, causing irregularity in its action, and diminishing the rate of the pulse, at the same time causing vomiting and symptoms of collapse. Has been used chiefly in cardiac troubles, especially valvular and other organic diseases accompanied by dropsical effusion, great dyspnoea, palpitation, feeble and irregular pulse. An excellent remedy to relieve the dyspnoea present in organic or functional heart disease, and to dissipate the cardiac effusions, which it seems to do by causing diuresis. Dyspnoea with pulmonary stasis and hydrothorax. Has also been successfully used in pelvic congestions after abortions or surgical operations, with sensation of great weight and pressing down of pelvic contents, causing cutting pains in rectum, and dull aching, soreness, worse when lying on the back. Compare. -Digitalis.

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