back Convallaria Majalis

I believe the lily of the valley is to become one of our very valuable remedies. It ought to receive a Hahnemannian proving. I have used it with much satisfaction in women who complained of great soreness in the uterine region and sympathetic palpitation of the heart. It has also served me well in dropsies of cardiac origin, especially in women who have at the same time the above mentioned soreness in uterine region. I once checked the progress of a very bad case of cardiac dropsy after the effusion in the chest had so increased that the patient could not breathe when lying down, and there was much bloody expectoration. I used the 30th potency in this case, though many times very fine results follow the use of the remedy in much lower preparations. The dropsy all disappeared and she was able to be around and enjoy life very well, though the organic heart trouble was not removed.

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