back Crocus Sativus

Spasmodic contractions and twitchings of single sets of muscles.

Hæmorrhages from different parts; blood black, viscid, clotted, forming into long black strings, from the bleeding orifice.

Changeable disposition; laughs, sings, jumps, wants to kiss everybody, or again cries, gets mad, abuses everybody, etc.

Sensation as of something hopping or moving about in stomach, abdomen, uterus or chest.

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This remedy has three different spheres of usefulness in homœopathic therapeutics.

1st. In hæmorrhages from different parts. The blood is black, viscid, clotted, and forming itself into long black strings from the bleeding orifice. It makes no difference whether from the nose, uterus, lungs or stomach, if the blood is of this nature Crocus must be given. (Mercur. sol., the blood hangs from the nose like an icicle).

2d. In hysterical conditions in which there is great changeableness of the mental symptoms.

The patient is alternately cheerful or depressed. In the former state she will sing, dance, jump, laugh and whistle, love and want to kiss everybody. In the latter she will cry, get into a rage, abuse her friends, and then repent it, etc.

Crocus, for these alternate mental states, resembles Aconite, Ignatia and Nux moschata, but with Crocus there is another peculiar and persistent symptom, viz., sensation as of something morning, or hopping about in the stomach, abdomen, uterus or chest. Often this sensation of movement is so positive that the patient mistakes it for the movement of a fœtus, and is sure she is in a family way. If the mind symptoms above described are present, don't be too ready to promise a baby, but give a dose of Crocus and await developments.

3d. Crocus is one of our remedies for chronic affections. There are twitchings of single sets of muscles (Ignatia and Zinc.), twitchings of eyelids especially. These twitchings are very common in hysterical subjects, and there are many remedies for them, so that one could not of course prescribe on that alone. There are, however, remedies which are suited to hysteria and also other nervous disease, in which twitchings are very prominent and Crocus is one of them.

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