back Crotalus Horridus

Poison of Rattlesnake Crotalidae

Is indicated in strumous, debilitated, haemorrhagic, broken-down constitutions; during zymotic diseases; in inebriates; tendency to carbuncles or blood boils (Anthr.).

Diseases caused by a previous low state of the system; low septic typhoid or malarial fever; chronic alcoholism; exhausted vital force; genuine collapse.

Apoplexy; apoplectic convulsions in inebriates, haemorrhagic or broken down constitutions.

Haemorrhagic diathesis; blood flows from eyes, ears, nose, and every orifice of the body; bloody sweat.

Yellow color of conjunctiva; clears up vision after keratitis, or kerato-iritis.

Malignant jaundice; haematic rather than hepatic.

Purpura haemorrhagica; comes on suddenly from all orifices, skin, nails, gums.

Tongue fiery red, smooth and polished (Pyr.); intensely swollen.

Malignant diphtheria or scarlatina; oedema or gangrene of fauces or tonsils; pain < from empty swallowing; if vomiting or diarrhoea come on.

Prostration of vital force; pulse scarely felt; blood poisoning (Pyr.).

Vomiting: bilious, with anxiety and weak pulse; every month after menstruation; cannot lie on right side or back without instantly producing dark, green vomiting; black or coffee grounds, of yellow fever.

Diarrhoea; stools black, thin; like coffee-grounds; offense; from noxious effluvia or septic matters in food or drinks; from "high game" (Pyr.); during yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, typhus.

Intestinal haemorrhage when occurring in typical septic, or zymotic disease; blood dark, fluid, non-coagulable.

Dissecting wounds; insect stings; bad effects of vaccination.

Vicarious menstruation; in debilitated constitutions (Dig., Phos.).

Menopause: intense flushings and drenching perspirations; faintness and sinking at stomach; prolonged metrorrhagia, dark, fluid, offensive; profound anaemia.

Malignant diseases of uterus, great tendency to haemorrhage, blood dark, fluid, offensive.

Relations. - Compare: Elaps, Lach., Naja, Pyr.

In Lach., skin cold and clammy; Crot. cold and dry; Elaps, affections of right lung, expectoration of black blood.

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