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This remedy, also fallen into disrepute from its empirical use in the old school, has an important place in the therapeutics of gonorrhœa, if after the first or inflammatory stage is passed under the usual remedies for that stage there still remains burning in the urethra after urination and the discharge remains thick, yellow or puslike. Notwithstanding Mercurius or Pulsatilla, we may find our remedy in Cubeba. I have made some fine cures myself in such cases. With Pulsatilla the discharge, while thick, or yellow, or green, is more likely to be bland, as it is on mucous membranes elsewhere. Mercury has a similar discharge, but all the symptoms are worse at night. When the discharge becomes thin (gleety) neither of these remedies are, appropriate.

Right here let us call attention to another remedy which ought to be mentioned in connection with the treatment of gonorrhœa.

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