back Cuprum Arsenicosum

Synonyms. - Hydric cupric Arsenite. Cuprum Arsenite. Common names. - Arsenite of Copper. Sheele's green.

Cuprum arsenicosum differs from other salts of copper in that while in their action they all more or less resemble Arsenic, the Arsenite possesses more of the distinct features of that drug. It acts directly upon the gastro-intestinal tract, inducing inflammation, especially of the mucous lining of the intestinal tract, characterized by great pain, voluminous diarrheic discharges, and often violent vomiting. It is used by all schools of practice in intestinal diseases, especially in diarrhea, with the above characteristics, though only the homeopathist is capable of explaining its therapeutic action. The latter uses the drug with great success in all intestinal affections - catarrhal diarrhea, dysentery, cholera morbus and cholera infantum characterized by profuse discharges, violent cutting, colicky abdominal pains, with or without vomiting. The stools are usually watery and greenish in color and often during the pain there is a cold, clammy perspiration. The whole action closely resembles that of Verat. alb., though it suits a greater variety of cases. Also compare Arsenic and Camphor.

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