Cyclamen Europaeum

Common Names:foxglove, common foxglove, purple foxglove or lady's glove
Aggravation:Open air; cold water; cold bathing; menses < sitting and lying at night.
Amelioration:In a warm room; in-doors; menses > waling (leucorrhoea, < sitting, > walking, Cac., Coc.).

[Cyclamen europaeum is a scientific name that has been applied to three species: Cyclamen purpurascens, Cyclamen hederifolium and Cyclamen repandum. Read more...]

A remedy of visual aberrations. Headache with flickering before the eyes. Flickering of various colors, glittering needles, visions of smoke or fog. Food tastes salty, craves lemonade, disgust for meat, craving for sardines. Ailments from grief or terrors of conscience (as if he had not done is duty). Dr. M.L. Tyler – Homoeopathic Drug Pictures

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