back Dioscorea Villosa

Wild Yam Dioscoreaceae

Persons of feeble digestive powers, old or young.

Flatulence after meals or after eating, especially of tea-drinkers; are often subject to violent colic.

Griping pains in abdomen about umbilicus.

Violent twisting colic, occurring in regular paroxysms, as if intestines were grasped and twisted by a powerful hand.

Colic pains: < from bending forward and while lying; > on standing erect or bending backwards (rev. of Col.).

Emissions during sleep; vivid dreams of women all night (Staph.); knees weak; genitals cold; great despondency (Staph.).

Felons; early when pains are sharp and agonizing, when pricking is first felt; nails brittle.

Disposition to paronychia (Hep.).

Relations. - Compare: Col., Phos., Pod., Rhus, Sil.

Aggravation. - Lying; sitting; bending double.

Amelioration. - Motion; walking difficult, compelled to walk even though tired.

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