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Synonym;. - Dolichos Pruriens. Natural order. - Leguminosae. Common names. - Cowhage. Cow-itch. Habitat. - A lofty climbing plant common in tropical regions. Preparation. - Tincture from the fuzz or hair scraped from the epidermis of the pod.

Acts upon the liver, producing conditions which result in jaundice, constipation and white stools.

Eyes.- Eyes yellow (Chel., Cinch., Iodi., Plumb.).

Mouth. - oSoreness and tenderness of gums in teething children. Gums swollen; neuralgic pains in them; worse at night.

Throat, - Pain like a splinter, near right tonsil; worse when swallowing.

Stool. - o Constipation during teething or pregnancy. White stools (Bell., Calc, Hep. s., Podo.).

Respiratory Organs. - o Cough on lying down at night (Hyos.).

Generalities.- oNeuralgic pains following herpes zoster (Ranunc. b.).

Skin.- Violent itching all over body, without any visible eruption. Dry tettery eruptions on arms and limbs, resembling zona.

Compare.- Calc. c, Chel., Hep. s., Ran. b., Podo., Rhus tox., Sulph.


Jaundice with white stools; intense itching. Affections, especially nervous during dentition or from worms. Constipation, jaundice and other troubles during pregnancy. Herpes zoster, with itching, burning and smarting. Also for the neuralgic pains which follow. According to Farrington (vide Heriug Cond. Mat. Med., 3d ed., p. 393). kin teething affections, if feverish symptoms exist, always give a dose of Aeon, before the Dolich.; where this precaution has been neglected, convulsions have followed the use of even the high potencies."

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