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Whooping-cough with violent paroxysms which follow each other rapidly, is scarcely able to get breath (wakes at 6-7 a. m. and does not cease coughing until a large quantity of tenacious mucus is raised, Coc-c. - profuse epistaxis during every paroxysm, Ind.; "minute gun" during the day, whooping at night, Cor-r.).

Deep sounding, hoarse barking cough (Verb.), < after midnight, during or after measles; spasmodic, with gagging, retching and vomiting (Bry., Kali-c.).

Constant, titillating cough in children, begins as soon as head touches pillow at night (Bell., Hyos, Rum.).

Nocturnal cough of young persons in phthisis; bloody or purulent sputa.

Cough: < by warmth, drinking, singing, laughing, weeping, lying down, after midnight.

During cough; vomiting of water, mucus, and often bleeding at the nose and mouth (Cup.).

Sensation of feather in larynx, exciting cough.

Diseases prevailing during epidemic pertusis.

Clergyman's sore throat; with rough, scraping, dry sensation deep in the fauces; voice hoarse, deep, toneless, cracked, requires exertion to speak (Arum.).

Constriction and crawling in larynx; hoarseness, and yellow or green sputa.

Laryngeal phthisis following whooping-cough (bronchial catarrh following, Coc. c.).

Relations. - Complementary: to, Nux vomica.

Follows well: after, Samb., Sulph., Ver.

Is followed: by, Cal., Puls., Sulph.

Compare: Cina, Coral, Cup., Ipec., Samb. in spasmodic coughs. Often relieves the constant, distressing night-cough in tuberculosis.

Hahnemann says (Mat. Med. Pura.): "One single dose of the 30th potency is sufficient to cure entirely epidemic whooping cough. The cure takes place surely between seven and eight days. Never give a second dose immediately after the first; it would not only prevent the good effect of the former, but would be injurious."

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