back Dulcamara

Bitter-sweet Solanaceae

Adapted to persons of phlegmatic scrofulous constitutions; restless, irritable.

Catarrhal rheumatism or skin affections, brought on or aggravated by exposure to cold, damp, rainy weather, or sudden changes in hot weather (Bry.).

Increased secretions of mucous membranes; perspiration being suppressed from cold.

Patients living or working in a damp, cold basement, or a milk dairy (Aran., Ars., Nat-s.).

Mental confusion; cannot find the right word for anything.

Skin is delicate, sensitive to cold, liable to eruptions, especially urticaria; every time patient takes cold or is long exposed to cold.

Anasarca; after ague, rheumatism, scarlet fever.

Dropsy: after suppressed sweat; suppressed eruptions; exposure to cold.

Diarrhoea: from taking cold in damp places, or during damp, foggy weather; change from warm to cold weather (Bry.).

Catarrhal ischuria in grown-up children, with milky urine; from wading with bare feet in cold water; involuntary.

Rash before the menses (Con. - during profuse menses, Bell., Graph.).

Urticaria over whole body, no fever; itching burns after scratching; < in warmth, > in cold.

Thick, brown-yellow crusts on scalp, face, forehead, temples, chin; with reddish borders, bleeding when scratched.

Warts, fleshy, large, smooth; on face or back of hands and fingers (Thuja.).

Relations. - Complementary: to, Baryta carb., Kali s.

Incompatible: with, Acet. ac., Bell., Lach.,

Should not be used before or after.

Follows well: after, Cal., Bry., Lyc., Rhus, Sep.

Similar: to, Mer., in ptyalism, glandular swellings, bronchitis, diarrhoea; susceptibility to weather changes; night pains; to, Kali s. the chemical analogue.

For the bad effects or abuse of Mercury.

Aggravation. - From cold in general; cold air; cold wet weather; suppressed menstruation, eruptions, sweat.

Amelioration. - From moving about (Fer., Rhus).

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