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Synonym. - Equisetum Hyemale. Natural order. - Equisetacese. Common name. Scouring Bush. Habitat. - An indigenous leafless plant. Preparation.- Tincture from the fresh whole plant.

The characteristic effects of Equisetum are displayed exclu- sively from the urinary organs, where it gives rise to dysuria and symptoms which would indicate a specific influence over the mucous lining of the bladder.

Urinary Organs.- Dull pain in region of right kidney, with urgent desire to urinate. Pain in bladder, as if distended; not relieved by micturition. Pain and tenderness in region of bladder. Excessive burning in urethra while urinating (Apis, Canth., Can. sat.). Sharp, cutting pain in the urethra. Frequent micturition at night. Constant desire to urinate (Acon.). Constant urging, with scanty discharge. Urine high colored and scanty {Acon., Apis). Urine deposits a mucous sediment. Urine shows great ex cess of mucus after standing a short time.

Compare.- Acon., Apis, Canth., Can. sat.


A valuable remedy in catarrhal affections of the bladder; with great vesical irritation; pain and tenderness; pain not relieved by micturition, generally worse just after; much blood and mucus in urine. Dysuria, especially in women during pregnancy and after confinement. An excellent remedy in nocturnal enuresis of children. Also in weakness of bladder, incontinence of urine, dribbling, especially in old men and in- sane people. Haematuria. Gonorrhoea. Gleet.

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