back Euphorbia Corollata

Natural order. - Euphorbiacese. Common names. - Flowering Spurge. Milk Weed. Wild Ipecac. Bowman's Root. Habitat. - A perennial plant indigenous to the United States, especially abundant in the south and west. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh root.


Acts upon the mucous tissues of the digestive tract, giving rise to a choleraic condition, its chief symptoms being: sudden and powerful vomiting, first of food and other contents of stomach, "then large quantities of water mixed with mucus, and clear fluid like rice water ; followed immediately by copious watery evacuations, the diarrhoea and vomiting alternating at short intervals, accompanied by painful spasms of the intestines, great anxiety, and a death-like sense of faintness and exhaustion (Ars., Yerat. alb.). It has accordingly been used with success in the treatment of sporadic cholera, and especially cholera infantum. Has cured attacks of deathly retching and vomiting, with feeling of clawing in the stomach and with cold sweat.

Compare . - Ars., Camph., Sec. c, Verat. alb.

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