back Ferrum Phosphoricum

This one of Schuessler's tissue remedies has proven a valuable remedy in some inflammatory diseases. In keeping with its element of Iron, it presents the local congestion tendencies of that remedy; and in its Phosphorus element its affinity for the lungs and stomach; and in its combination proves a great hæmorrhage remedy. The hæmorrhages are of bright blood, and may come from any outlet of the body. Further proving and clinical use will enable us to use it more scientifically then we now do. So far as I have observed, it is not adapted to the full-blooded, sanguine, arterial subjects, with an overplus of red blood that Aconite cures, but rather to pale, anæmic subjects, who with all their weaknesses are nevertheless subject to sudden and violent local congestions and inflammations, like pneumonia, or sudden congestions to head, bowels, or any other part, or to inflammatory affections of a rheumatic character. It is only useful in the first stage of such attacks, before the stage of exudation appears. It has been found useful also in the above-described weakened or anæmic subjects who have sour eructations occurring in stomach troubles, usually termed dyspeptic. In dysentery, in the first stage with a good deal of blood in the discharges, it is very valuable, and often cures in a very short time.

Again, it is often efficacious in the night sweats of the weak and anæmic. I am sorry not to be able to give characteristic indications for the use of this remedy, but I am fully persuaded that is a very valuable one and ought to receive a thoroughly Hahnemannian proving.

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