back Fraxinus Americana

Synonym. - Fraxinus Americanus. Natural order. - Oleaceae. Common name. - White Ash. Habitat. - Eastern and Central North America. Preparation. - Tincture from the inner root bark.


Acts upon the uterus, causing passive congestion and enlargement. Has been used for a similar condition, including subinvolution and prolapsus. Uterine tumors with bearing down pains, especially extending down the thigh. Hot flashes and cold creeping sensation. Cramps in the feet. Has been used empirically by the Old School as an antiperiodic and in dysmenorrhea and metritis. Its pathogenesis seems to explain this action and removes it from the realms of empiricism.


Mind. - Nervous restlessness and anxiety, mental. Great depression.

Mouth. - Fever sores on the lips.

Female Organs. - Uterus enlarged and patulous.

Lower Limbs.- Cramps in the feet.

Abdomen. - Tenderness in left inguinal region. Bearing-down pain in abdomen and back, extending down the thigh.

Compare.- Sepia, Lilium.

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