back Gambogia

Is a very valuable remedy for diarrhœa, though not so often used, I think, as it should be. It resembles Croton tiglium in the suddenness of the desire for stool, and in the all coming out at one gush. Again, it resembles it, in that it is sometimes watery and yellow, but Croton tig. is aggravated by the least food or drink, which is not the case with Gambogia. Again, Gambogia has all the way from yellow, watery, to almost formed stools, and in each case, the stool comes all at once in one prolonged effort, and there is a feeling of great relief after stool, as if an irritating substance were removed. Sometimes there is burning of the anus after the stool, similar to Arsenicum, Iris versicolor and Capsicum. It is curative in both acute and chronic forms of diarrhœa. There is often much rumbling in the bowels.

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