back Geranium Maculatum

Natural order. - Geraniaceas. Common names. - Wild Cranesbill. Crowfoot. Alum root. Habitat. - Found in open fields and woods throughout Canada and the United States. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh root.


According to Eclectic authorities "A tonic astringent, with alterative properties." The primary effects of Geranium are undoubtedly of a tonic character. Its long continued use, however, results in atonic conditions, especially of mucous membranes, upon which is its chief local action. It has been mostly used in profuse hemorrhages from mucous surfaces, especially from the stomach, and in ulceration of the stomach. Both locally and internally it is a valuable remedy in atonic and foul ulcers wherever found. The eclectics use the drug in passive hemorrhages from atony, and for all enfeebled conditions of mucous membranes without inflammation or after inflammation has subsided. It is an excellent remedy in habitual sick headache. Chronic diarrhea with offensive mucous discharges. Menorrhagia. Post-partum hemorrhages. Sore nipples (locally). Prized by eclectics in pulmonary tuberculosis. Night sweats.

Compare.- Hydras., Millef., Cinch., Sabina.

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