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Nitro-glycerine C3H4(NO2)O3

Nervous temperament; plethoric, florid, sensitive women; persons readily affected.

Bad effects of mental excitement, fright, fear, mechanical injuries and their later consequences; from having the hair cut. (Acon., Bell.).

Head troubles: from working under gas-light, when heat falls on head; cannot bear heat about the head, heat of stove or walking in the sun (Lach., Nat-c.).

Cerebral congestion, or alternate congestion of the head and heart.

Head: feels enormously large; as if skull were too small for brain; sunstroke and sun headache; increases and decreases every day with the sun (Kal., Nat-c.).

Terrific shock in the head, synchronous with the pulse. Throbbing, pulsating headache; holds head with both hands; could not lie down, "the pillow would beat.".

Brain feels too large, full, bursting; blood seems to be pumped upwards; throbs at every jar, step, pulse.

Intense congestion of brain from delayed or suppressed menses; headache in place of menses.

Headache: occurring after profuse uterine haemorrhage; rush of blood to head, in pregnant women.

Violent palpitation, with throbbing in carotids; heart's action labored, oppressed; blood seems to rush to heart, and rapidly to head.

Convulsions of children from cerebral congestion; meningitis, during dentition, cases that seem to call for Belladonna.

Children get sick in the evening when sitting before and open coal fire, or falling asleep there.

Flushes of heat; at the climacteric (Amyl., Bell., Lach.); with the catmenia (Fer., Sang.).

Relations. - Compare: Amyl., Bell., Ferr., Gels., Melil., Stram.

Aggravation. - In the sun, exposure to sun's rays; gas- light; overheating; jar; stooping; ascending; touch of hat; having the hair cut.

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