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Synonym. - Gnaphalium Polycephalum. Natural order.- â– Corapositae. Common names. - Everlasting. Indian Posy. Habitat. - An indigenous, herbaceous annual plant. Preparation.- Tincture from the entire fresh plant.


Acts upon the cerebro-spinal system, inducing neuralgic pains in both the face and lower extremities. Its chief symptom is "intense pain along the sciatic nerve; feeling of numbness occasionally taking place of sciatica, and then exercise on foot is excessively fatiguing." This symptom has led to the successful use of Gnaphalium in sciatica. The drug has also cured rheumatoid pain in the toe. It has been successfully used in dysmenorrhea with scanty, chocolate-brown colored discharges, with distress in pelvic region, and pain or numbness in course of sciatic nerve ; also with acne punctata, nodes under the skin, face mottled. Erythema around the anus and genitals.

Compare.- Cham., Coloc, Xanthox.

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