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Synonym. - Guaiacum Officinale. Natural order. - Zygophylleae. Common names. - Lignum Vitae. Guaiaca. Habitat. - An evergreen tree, growing in the West Indies, and on the Northern coast of South America. Preparation. - Tincture from the gum, which corresponds to the lx dilution.


Guaiacum increases the perspiration, the secretion of urine and the menstrual flow, and acts upon fibrous tissues, producing rheumatic and arthritic pains.


Mind. - Weakness of memory and excessive forgetfulness, especially of names.

Head. - Rheumatic pains in one side of the head, extending to the face.

Eyes. - Sensation of swelling and protrusion of the eyes; the lids seem too short to cover them>.

Ears.- Violent otalgia, with aching and tearing in left ear.

Respiratory Organs. - Pleuritic stitches; left side; worse from breathing deeply.

Stomach. - Empty eructations.

Stool. - Constipation, stool hard and crumbling.

Urinary Organs.- Frequent urging to urinate, with copious discharge.

Female Organs.- oSubacute and chronic ovaritis, especially in rheumatic women.

Neck and Back.- Frequent stitches on left side of nape, extending from the scapula to the occiput. Rheumatic stiffness of the whole left side of the back, from the nape down to the sacrum, with intolerable pain on slightest motion micturning the part, not noticed on touch or during rest.

Limbs. - Tearing and stinging in the limbs, worse from the least motion. Arthritic lancinations, followed by contractions of the limbs. Itching, pressing and crawling pains in the thighs when seated. Pain as from fatigue, and weakness in the arms and thighs, with dread of motion.

Generalities. - Feeling of heat in the painful limbs, in Rheumatism. Emaciation. Kheumatic swelling of joints; painful, can bear no heat. Excretions all intolerably offensive.

Sleep. - Great desire to sleep in the afternoon. Frequent awaking from sleep, as if falling.

Aggravation.- From motion; while sitting; in morning, after rising, or in evening before lying down.

Compare.- Caust., Graph., lod., Kali iod., Merc, Mez., Nux v., Phyt., Rhod., Rhus tox., Sil., Sulph.


Is used chiefly in rheumatic and arthritic affections, especially after the abuse of Mercury; arthritic contractions; syphilides. Growing pains in children. Neuralgia of the face; neuralgic toothache. Tonsilitis. Ovaritis in rheumatic vomen with irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. Pleuritic stitches in apex of left lung, especially in phthisis. Is said to relieve extremely offensive expectoration in phthisis.

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