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Venous hæmorrhages (very dark and clotted); veins full, enlarged and sore to touch.

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Hamamelis Virginica is another remedy having the symptom "soreness as if bruised" in a marked degree, and which I did not mention when writing of Arnica. This soreness is sometimes found in rheumatism and Hamamelis has cured when Arnica failed. But one of the chief distinctions between these two remedies is that Arnica acts more upon the capillaries, causing their relaxation, whereby suggillations take place, while Hamamelis acts more upon the veins, which are very full, enlarged and sore. One author says:

"It is the Aconite of the veins."

From clinical use we know enough of the remedy to value it highly in varicosities of almost all kinds. (Fluoric acid.) It is here a powerful rival of Pulsatilla, but except the soreness of the veins we do not know of guiding symptoms for its use.

It has produced, in provings, severe hæmorrhages, and clinical use has defined the bleeding to be of very dark clotted, venous blood. There is no doubt of its power over such hæmorrhages, whether occurring from the nose, bowels, uterus, lungs or bladder. I have used it in every place with satisfaction. It is not a powerful poison and can be used low without bad effects. One of its best uses is in orchitis and inflammation of the spermatic veins, the provings markedly indicating its homœopathicity here. In hæmorrhages from the anus, whether from piles or typhoid fever, if the blood is of the above described appearance, Hamamelis is excellent.

Like Arnica and Calendula, Hamamelis has often seemed to act well as a local application. I am not in favor, generally, of using remedies in this way, unless it be for external injuries, which are not diseases.

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