back Hecla Lava

Lava Scoriæ from Mt. Hecla (HEKLA LAVA)

Marked action upon the jaws. Of great use in exostosis, gum abscess, difficult teething. Nodosities, caries of bone, etc. Osteitis, periostitis, osteosarcoma; rachitis. Tumors in general. Bone necrosis. Necrosis and sinus after mastoid operation.

Face.--Ulceration of nasal bones. Facial neuralgia from carious teeth and after extraction. Toothache, with swelling about jaws. Abscess of gums. Enlargement of maxillary bone. Cervical glands enlarged and indurated.

Relationship.--Compare: Silica; Mercur; Phos; Conchiolinum--Mother of pearl (diaphysis of bone affected; parts extremely sensitive to touch).

Amphisbæna-Snail-like lizard (great affinity for the jaw bones, worse by air and dampness).

Slag--(Great itching of parts).

Dose.--Lower triturations.

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