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Synonym. - Heloderma suspectum. Natural order. - Heloderma tidae. Common name. - Gila monster. Habitat. - Chiefly Arizona, also in Texas and other southern states. Preparation. - The virus is obtained by irritating the animal and allowing it to bite the glass, from which triturations are made.


The bite of a Gila Monster produces a benumbing paralysis, but there is an entire absence of tetanic conditions, thus di- rectly differing in its effects from Strychina or Hydroc. acid. It has been used in paralysis agitans, locomotor ataxia and many other nervous diseases characterized by great coldness - "arctic" coldness.


Mind.- Great depression.

Head. - Sensation as if the head would fall to the right side. Sensation of a cold band around the head. Cold pressure within the skull.

Eyes.- Eyelids heavy.

Ears. - Pain beginning in the right ear and extending around

the back of the head to the left ear.

Face. - Cold, crawling feeling in the face, as if the muscles were tight.

Mouth. - Tongue cold, tender and dry. Great thirst. Swallowing difficult. Breath cold.

Respiratory Organs. - Cold feeling in the chest, as if in the lungs and heart.

Heart.- Slow labored thumping of the heart.

Back. - Coldness across the scapulae. Burning along the spine.

Lower Limbs.- Numbness and trembling, also coldness in all the limbs. Sensation as if walking on a sponge, and as if the feet were swollen. Staggering gait. " Cock's gait"- when walking lifts the feet higher than usual and puts the heel down hard. Feet cold as ice ; or burn. Stretching relieves pains in the muscles and limbs.

Fever.- In ternal coldness as if frozen. Cold rings around the body. Cold waves. Cold spots. Arctic coldness. Temperature sub-normal- 96o (Camph.).

Compare.- Abies, Ars., Camph., Lach., Merc.

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