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Synonym. - Helonias Dioica. Natural order. - Melanthaeae. Common names. - Unicorn Plant. Devil's Bit. Blazing Star. Habitat. - A plant growing in low grounds throughout the United States. Preparation.- Tincture from the fresh root.


Through the vegetative sphere Helonias acts on the bloodmaking processes, inducing a debilitated condition and a disorganizing effect; hence its applicability in anaemia and chlorosis. Its local action is especially centered upon the kidneys and uterus, producing irritation and consequent stimulation, followed secondarily by an atonic condition.


Mind.- Always better when doing something, when the mind is engaged. Desire to be let alone; conversation unpleasant; depressed mood.

Head.- oHeadaches associated with uterine derangements.

Urinary Organs.- oPain in the kidneys, with albuminous urine. Burning in the kidneys. oBurning and scalding when urinating. oInvoluntary discharge of urine, after the bladder seemed to be emptied. Urine profuse and light-colored.

Female Organs. - oLoss of sexual desire and power, with or without sterility. oProfound melancholia, deep and defined depression, with a sensation of weight and soreness in the womb ; " a consciousness of a womb." oDragging, aching and weakness in sacral region, with prolapsus; also at climaxis with marked debility. oProlapsus with ulceration and a constant dark foetid bloody discharge ; after parturition. oPain in back with irritation of the vagina. Excessive uterine haemorrhage (Acon., Ham., Sab.). oLeucorrhoea with atony and anaemia. oIntense pruritus, parts hot, red and swollen ; exfoliation of epidermis. oApthous inflammation of the vulva and vagina; curdy secretion. oThreatened abortion from atonic conditions. oNipples sensitive, painful ; breasts swollen.

Back.- Burning and heat in the dorsal region, mostly between the lower half of the scapulae. Burning and tired aching feeling in lumbar and sacral regions.

Generalities. - Unusual languor and prostration.

Compare.- Aletris, Cimicif., Cinch., Ferr., Lil. tig., Phos. ac, Sepia, Tereb.


Has been found especially useful in diseases, particulary in women, resulting from atony and general mal-nutrition. These have already been mentioned in detail, and need not be repeated. Sometimes also useful in debility following exhausting diseases; anaemia; chlorosis. Diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus, with emaciation, restlessness, thirst, melancholia. Acute and chronic nephritis; Bright's disease; albuminuria during pregnancy; dropsy from albuminuria. In nearly all conditions calling for Helonias there will be present great fatigue and prostration, with a burning or a tired, dragging, aching feeling in the lumbar and sacral regions.

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