backVijnovsky MM Hippozaeninum

(Mallein; Glanderin; farcinica. Is nosode of Glanders)


1 weakness, fatigue, leaving their occupations. Considerable thinning general prostration.
2 - (++) Ecchymosis. Lymphangitis and lymphadenopathy. Chronic phlebitis. Abscesses of internal organs.

3 - (+) Fainting with headaches. Acute meningitis, purulent. Abscesses * erebrales. Tubercles in the cranial periosteum, the dura mater and the choroid plexus. Necrosis of the bones of the face and skull, especially the front. Hair opaque.
4 Eyes full of tears or viscosities. Mydriasis with collapse.
5 sounds of ringing in the ears.
6 - (++) Swelling and redness of the nose, with pain. Acute or chronic nasal catarrh, with secretion often one-sided, albuminous, thick or viscous, gray or green, or even bloody, fetid, purulent, acrid or corrosive. Ozena, scabs. Nose and mouth ulceration, septal round ulcers. Exposed and necrotic nasal cartilages and the nasal septum, vomer and palate. Caries of nasal bones.
7 Mumps, parotid swelling and pain free. Submandibular and sublingual glands swollen and painful, sometimes it Abcede and open outward. Phlegmonosum gangrenous erysipelas of the face.
8 Gums covered by a black deposit; bleeding. You have trouble speaking. Tongue dry, covered with a thick black layer. Mouth ulcers. Putrid breath.
9 ulcers in the soft palate. Very swollen tonsils, her throat closed. Pharynx red and swollen, with ecchymosis and fetid ulcers.
10 Excessive thirst, especially with diarrhea. Gastritis, anorexia, indigestion and constipation.
11 Liver very large, fatty degeneration. Hepatitis. Hypertrophy of the spleen; abscess. Inguinal lymphadenopathy.
12 Profuse diarrhea with exhaustion and cachexia. Constipation.
13 abscesses in the kidneys, tubers. Albuminuria.
13 Tuberculosis and abscesses in the glans penis and testicles.
15 mucous discharge. Abortion.
16 - (+++) Hoarseness. Severe acute bronchitis, especially in the elderly, when the imminent suffocation from excessive secretion. Pneumonies. Noisy breathing, whistling or tions, especially in the elderly. Dyspnea by mucus in the trachea. Cough and dyspnea. Bronchial asthma. Pertussis. Severe cough with expectoration profuse nasal secretion like. Pulmonary tuberculosis: diminished expectoration and recurrent aggravations. Lung abscess.
17 - (+) Dull pain in muscles and joints of the limbs. Injured toe, arm swollen, with phlegmon and erysipelas, with pustules and ulcerations. Coxalgia. Psoas abscess and lumbar and knees. Old ulcers on the legs. Edema in lower limbs.
18 Insomnia with great concern. Nocturnal delirium.
19 - (+) frequent Chills, fever, abscesses and ulcers. Foot abscesses that appear in rapid succession. Plague. Scarlet fever, with putrid breath, large tonsils and abundant mucus. Putrid fever. Septicemia.
20 - (+) Stevens, erysipelas, boils, abscesses, pustules and ulcerations extending to almost the entire surface of the skin, leaving little free skin. malignant erysipelas, suppurative and destructive gangrenous. Confluent smallpox. No tendency to heal ulcers.

(+++) Very effective. (++) Effective. (+) Useful

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