back Hydrastis Canadensis

Golden Seal Ranunculaces

For debilitated persons, with viscid mucous discharges.

Cechectic of malignant dyscrasia, with marked derangement of gastric and hepatic functions; broken down by excessive use of alcohol.

Cancer: hard, adherent: skin mottled, puckered; pains knife-like, sharp cutting; nipple retracted.

Nursing sore mouth; tongue large, shows imprint of teeth. Leucorrhoea: ropy, thick, viscid, yellow; hanging from o3 in long strings (kali bi.); pruritus.

Profuse discharge of thick, yellow, stringy mucus from nasal passages (Cor.r.).

Hawks Yellow, Viscid mucus from posterior nares and fauces ; ulceration, after mercury of chlorate of potash : syphilitic angina.

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