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Synonym. - Hypericum Perforatum. Natural order. - Hypericacese. Common name. - St. John's Wort. Habitat. - A perennial plant abundant in Europe and America. Preparation. - Tincture from the whole fresh plant.


Through the cerebro-spinal nervous system Hypericum causes vascular erethism, cerebral and spinal hypersemia, and produces an irritated and highly sensitive condition of those parts freely supplied with nerves. Hence its use in mechanical injuries of the spinal cord and the nerves at their peripheral extremities, especially when accompanied by excruciating pains.


Mind. - Weakness of memory. o Great nervous depression following wounds.

Head.- Confusion, vertigo and heaviness. Tearing stitches in the brain. Throbbing in the vertex, and a feeling of heat in the head afternoons. Headache, extending into zygoma, or cheek. oHeadache, with sore eyes, after a fall.

Face. - Hot and bloated.

Mouth. - Tongue coated white (Ant. crud., Bry., Nux v.), or yellow, with great thirst.

Stomach.- Great thirst (Acon.). Nausea and inclination to vomit (Ant. tart., Ipec).

Abdomen. - Tympanitic distension of the abdomen.

Respiratory Organs.- Frequent dry hacking cough; short barking cough. Tightness in the chest (Phos.).

Neck and Back. - o After a fall, slightest motion of arms or neck extorts cries. oConsequence of spinal concussion. o Violent pains and inability to walk or stoop, after a fall on the coccyx.

Limbs.- oCannot walk from affection of the spine. Feeling of weakness and trembling of all the limbs. Numbness and crawling in the limbs, hands and feet. Hands and feet feel fuzzy, with crawling feeling in morning.

Compare.- Acon., Arn, Calend., Ruta.


Hypericum is a valuable remedy both locally and internally for the bad effects from falls, or blows upon the head, or concussion of the spine, even convulsions. After a fall, slightest motion of arms or neck extorts cries. Injuries to parts rich in sentient nerves, especially fingers, toes and matrices of nails. Lacerated wounds, when intolerable excruciating pain shows that the nerves are severely injured. A valuable remedy to relieve the pain following • surgical operations, especially amputations. Punctured wounds. Crushed wounds. Gunshot wounds. Prevents lockjaw from wounds in soles of feet and in hands. Tetanus from same causes. Also a valuable remedy in spinal affections, whether from injury or other causes, with extreme sensitiveness of the cervical vertebra to touch ; patient screams if approached ; terrible pain. Has cured subacute and chronic neuritis. Spasmodic asthma with sensitiveness oi spine. Rheumatism, especially of cervical muscles, great pain and sensitiveness of affected part. Bunions. Consequences of a shock or fright. The drug is generally indicated by the excessive pain and soreness in the affected part, attacks being usually brought on by change of weather.

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