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Always hungry; eat or wants to all the time, yet emaciates; > while eating.

Hypertrophy of all glands except mammary, which dwindle; while body withers glands enlarge.

Mentally anxious, anguish, wants to move, do something, hurry, kill somebody, etc. (Arsen.)

Warm blooded notwithstanding emaciation; wants a cool place to move, think, or work in.

Pulsations all over, stomach, back, even arms, fingers and toes (Bell.)

Especially suitable to dark haired, dark eyed, dark skinned persons of scrofulous habit.

Modalities: < fasting, in warm air or room; > while eating; moving, and cold air.

Great weakness and loss of breath on going up stairs.

Hard goître in dark haired persons; also tumors in the breast.

Sensation as if the heart was squeezed together; as if grasped with an iron band. (Sulph.).

Croup; membranous; in scrofulous children; child grasps the larynx; face pale and cold; in fleshy children.

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This is another so-called anti-scrofulous remedy. Here are a few characteristic indications:

First: "Scrofulous diathesis; low cachectic condition, with profound debility and great emaciation."

Second: "There is a remarkable and unaccountable sense of weakness and loss of breath on going up stairs."

Third: "Ravenous hunger; eats often and much, but loses flesh all of the time."

Fourth: "Feels relieved after eating or while eating."

Fifth: "Dwindling of the mammæ and soreness."

Sixth: "Profuse uterine hæmorrhages; cancer of uterus."

Seventh: "Chronic leucorrhœa, which is abundant and so corrosive as to eat holes in the linen."

Eighth. "Swelling of glands, especially mesenteric and thyroid."

Ninth: "Membranous croup, wheezing, sawing respiration, dry, barking cough, especially in children with dark eyes and hair; child grasps the throat with the hand when coughing."

Tenth: "Aggravations in general from warm room."

Here is Iodine in a nutshell. The remarkable hunger relieved by eating, with progressive emaciation, is the first in importance. This relief by eating is not only of the sensation of hunger, but his sufferings in general; he only feels well while eating, or always feels best while eating. It makes no difference whether it is phthisis pulmonalis, mesenteric, or general, that this symptoms well developed rules out everything but Iodine in almost every case and it has made many remarkable cures. I have cured many cases of goître with Iodine c. m., when indicated, giving a powder every night for four nights, after the moon fulled and was waning.

I have only failed in one case either to check the further development or cure. Some will sneer at this, but the cured ones do not. The local application for glandular enlargement is foolish and dangerous.

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