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Synonym. - Iris Hexagona. Natural order. - Iridacese. Common names. - Blue Flag. Fleur-de-luce. Habitat. - An indigenous plant found in low wet places, in meadows and on borders of swamps. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh root.


Acts especially upon the glandular system, and the gastrointestinal mucous membrane, causing abnormal activity, increasing the secretions, and rendering them acrid. It stimulates the liver, causing an increasing flow of bile. Increases the flow of urine. It is supposed to have a specific and powerful action upon the pancreas. On the skin it produces vesicular and pustular eruptions. The chief characteristic of Iris is a headache resulting from gastro-hepatic derangement, resembling the well-known " sick headache."


Mind.- Despondent, low spirited, easily vexed (Puls.).

Head. - Dull throbbing or shooting in right side of forehead, with nausea; worse toward evening; from rest, from cold air or coughing; better from moderate motion. Dull, heavy frontal headache, with nausea (Verat. vir.), with dullness of eyes and pain over left superciliary ridge. Aching in forehead and vertex as if the top of the head would come off. Shooting in the temples, mostly the right, with constrictive feeling of the scalp. Pustular eruptions on the scalp (Graph., Sulph.).

Nose. - Constant sneezing (Acon., Gels., Sang.).

Face. Neuralgia, involving supra and infra-orbital, superior maxillary (Cinch., Spig.) and inferior dental nerves; begins after breakfast every morning, with a stupid, stunning headache, and lasts several hours. Pustular eruptions on the face, around nose, lips and cheeks, secreting a sanious, irritating matter {Graph.).

Mouth. - Mouth and tongue feel as though they had been scalded (iEsc, Apis, Physos., Plat., Puls., Sep.). Ulcers on mucous membranes of cheeks (Nitr. ac.). Profuse flow of saliva (Cinch., Iodi., Kali iod., Merc.,Nitr. ac); ropy, drops from mouth when talking.

Stomach. - Loss of appetite (Ars., Cinch., Natr. mur.). Eructations of tasteless gas; frequently empty. Nausea and vomiting of an extremely sour fluid. Vomiting of food; of bile (Grat., Nux v., Podo.); oof sour milk in children (Aethus.). Great burning distress in the epigastrium (tEsc, Ars., Canth., Phos., Verat. alb.).

Abdomen.- Sharp, griping pains in the bowels (Bry., Merc, Chel., Hydras.). Pain in the abdomen relieved by discharge of flatus (Coloc). oColicky pains, obliging him to bend forward for relief (Aloe, Caust., Coloc).

Stool and Anus.- Stool thin, watery; soft yellow, with rumbling, but no pain; mushy, painless; blood and mucus, with straining. Frequent watery stools with burning in anus; disposition to strain and bear down. Great burning in anus (Ars., Canth.), as if on fire, after stool. Anus sore in morning, as if points were sticking into it. Distress in anus as if prolapsed. Constipation.

Upper Limbs. - Sharp, tensive pain in right shoulder, worse on motion, particularly on raising the arm. Severe shooting pains about the phalangeal and metacarpophalangeal articulations.

Lower Limbs.- Sciatica; painful drawing and lameness, as if left hip were wrenched, extending to popliteal space. Cox- algia in left hip.

Skin.- Pustular eruptions, especially on scalp and face (Crot. tig., Kreos., Graph.),

Fever.- Heat followed by chill, with cold hands and feet. Sweat over whole body, particularly in groin.

Compare.- Aloe, Ant. crud., Ars., Bry., Colch., Iodi., Ipec, Merc, Puls., Podo., Phytol., Verat. alb., Sang., Sulph.

Antidote.- Nux v.


A valuable remedy in gastric and bilious derangements, especially where there results a dull, frontal headache and nausea. Probably more useful than any other drug for ordinary sick-headache. Neuralgia and bilious headaches, beginning over one eye, with blurred vision, vomiting; constipation. Sometimes also nausea, profuse salivation with the headaches. Nausea from deranged digestion or biliousness, also during pregnancy. Bilious diarrhoea. Bilious colic. Hepatic derangements with vomiting of bile, soreness over liver, yellow eyes and skin, headache, etc. Constipation with headache, nausea and other symptoms. Sciatica, especially on left side, worse from motion. Eczema; crust a lactea; herpes zoster; impetigo of the head and other skin troubles, especially when associated with characteristic gastric derangements.

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