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Synonym. - Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius. Natural order. - Rutaceae. Common name. - Jaborandi. Habitat. - A shrub growing in Brazil. Preparation. - Tincture from the dried leaves and stems.


Acts powerfully upon the salivary and perspiratory glands, producing irritation and excessive secretion. Under its influence the face soon becomes red, the saliva begins to flow, and profuse perspiration sets in, lasting for hours, though their maximum intensity is less than an hour. At the same time the lachrymal secretion is increased and there is a copious discharge from the Schneiderian membrane; also increased secretion of mucus from the pharynx, trachea and bronchi. The pupils are contracted, and there is spasm of the accommodation. After the perspiration and salivation have ceased the parts become very dry, especially the mouth and pharynx, and there is great thirst. The circulation is increased, but the arterial tension and temperature are lowered. Compare- Agar., Atrop., Amyl. nit., Physos.


Jaborandi has been used to check excessive perspiration either during convalescence from acute diseases, or in the course of chronic diseases, as in phthisis. Pytalism, especially during pregnancy. Has been used in dropsical effusion of pleura and lungs ; also in cardiac and renal dropsy and in diabetes insipidus. Flushings at the climacteric period, with profuse perspiration, cold extremities, nausea and vomiting. Has been successfully used in mumps, especially with metastasis to the testicles. The chief use of the drug, however, is in disturbances of vision which are given by Allen (op. cit., p. 577) as follows: - " Asthenopia of hypermetropia. Spasms of ciliary muscles in hypermetropia. It has relieved the asthenopia of cataracts. Convergent strabismus. Especially useful after operations for strabismus."

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