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"Child 'good' all day; screaming, restless and very troublesome at night" (frequently verified). I once had a case of entero-colitis that for more than eight weeks baffled my best efforts to cure. The case went from bad to worse, until it was reduced almost to a skeleton. Instead of screaming all night it screamed day and night, all the time (so the mother said), and certain it was, it was always screaming when I saw it. With the screaming there were constant contortions of the body, bending forward, backward and sidewise alternately. I cannot tell how many different remedies I tried, but finally, in the course of human events, l gave it some Jalapa, 12th, run up from some of the crude drug which I procured from an ordinary drug store. The child went to sleep, and from that nap, which was a good, long one, recovery was rapid and perfect. The only indication I had was that it caused colic and diarrhœa.

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