back Kalium Sulfuricum

Yellow or greenish discharges from mucous membranes; cough loose and rattling.

Rheumatic pains in joints; moving from joint to joint.

Modalities: < in warm room; in the evening, > in open air.

The chronic of Pulsatilla.

* * * * *

When writing upon the Kalis I left this one out. There is no proving (deserving the name) of this drug, but like some other remedies in our Materia Medica clinical use on the theory of Schuessler has developed some valuate guides to its homœopathic uses. It resembles Pulsatilla in a number of its symptoms, and being a deeper acting remedy is sometime useful to complement that remedy. But first let us note the similarities:

1st. Yellow or greenish discharges from mucous membranes.

2d. Evening aggravation of fever symptoms.

3d Amelioration (general) in open air.

4th. Rheumatic pains in joints, or any party of the body, of a shifting, wandering nature.

5th Aggravation in a heated room.

6th Loose cough, with rattling of mucus.

These are all very similar to Pulsatilla, and I have frequently verified them, in cases of catarrh of mucous membranes, whether acute or chronic, but especially chronic or after the failure of Pulsatilla.

I once produced rheumatism of the joints with Kali sulph, and it was of the above described kind, thus proving the symptom genuine, though up to that time it was only clinical I always use it in the 30th, and I think that any after-cured symptom from a potency as high as the 30th will be found in accordance with our law of similia when thorough proving of the drug is made.

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