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Suffocative spells about the heart, < sitting up, > lying down; cardiac cough; gasping, twitching and jerks.

Lack of re-active power, low vitality, with blueness or cyanoses, especially in heart troubles.

Drink rolls audibly down through the œsophagus and intestines; very low pulse.

* * * * *

"Want of energy, of vital power; want of reaction, especially in chest and heart affections." And there is another characteristic symptom under this remedy in heart troubles: "The cyanosis, dyspnœa, etc., are worse when sitting up." Only one other remedy has this aggravation, and that is Psorinum. "Want of nervous reaction; the well-chosen remedy does not act."

"Capsicum, lack of reaction in persons of lax fibre."

Opium, in patients where there is no pain; stupidity and drowsiness.

Valerian and Ambra in nervous affections, well chosen remedies fail.

Carbo vegetabilis, collapse, coldness of knees, breath; perfect indifference.

Sulphur and Psorinum, where Psora complicates and hinders reaction.

Each one of these remedies may he called for in defective reaction, and there may be many more, and in each case, as with all remedies elsewhere, symptoms must decide which one.

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