back Magnesium Muriaticum

Constipation, stools knotty or lumpy, like sheep dung; crumbling at the verge of the anus.

Nervous headache, > from pressure (Puls.); on wrapping the head up warmly (Sil.).

Palpitation of heart when the patient is quiet, > when moving about.

Urine; pale yellow; can only be passed by bearing down with abdominal muscles; weakness of bladder.

Adapted to nervous, hysterical women inclined to spasms.

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This salt of Magnesia seems to act differently from the Magnesia carb., for while the latter most characteristically produces diarrhea, and we find it oftenest useful there, the former constipates. It has a peculiar form of constipation. The stools are hard, difficult, slow, insufficient, knotty, like sheep's dung, and crumble at the verge of the anus. Sometimes can only be passed by bearing down with the abdominal muscles. The remedies most resembling it in this form of constipation are Natrum mur. and Ammonium mur. and now that I think of it I might as well mention here another similarity between Ammonium mur. and Magnesia carb. which is characteristic, viz.: The menstrual flow is worse at night. I forgot this when writing of Magnesia carb. Perhaps it will be all the better remembered for this interruption. With the Magnesia mur. menstruation is very painful; accompanied with severe cramps, which may increase to general spasms of a hysterical nature. This nervous condition, if found coupled with the peculiar constipation above described, will be a sure indication for the use of this remedy. Again it has a peculiar nervous headache, which is better from strong pressure (Pulsatilla), or wrapping head up warmly (Silicea). This headache also is often hysterical. The spasms in connection with uterine troubles may find rival remedies in Actæa racemosa and Caulophyllum, the tout ensemble must decide. Magnesia mur. is a liver remedy, and in some symptoms resembles Mercurius, notably, the tongue takes imprint of the teeth and the aggravation from lying on the right side. But the stools of these remedies are characteristically very different. Again, while Mercurius is best adapted to acute affections of this organ, Magnesia mur is more so to the chronic. Ptelea, liver troubles are worse when lying on the left side. A very peculiar symptom of Magnesia mur., often confirmed is: Palpitation of the heart when the patient is quiet, relieved when moving about.

Children cannot digest milk during dentition (Sepia).

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