back Mercurius Proto Iodide

Tongue coated thickly yellow at the base; tip and edges red or pale; takes the imprint of the teeth.

Swelling of the throat; begins on the right side (diphtheria) (left, Lachesis).

Genuine Hunterian chancre (l,000th clinical.).

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It is a preparation that has a every reliable and prominent characteristic. It is "Tongue coated thickly, yellow at the base." The tip and edges may be red or pale and take the imprint of the teeth, like the other Mercuries. Of course, other remedies have a yellow-coated base of the tongue like Kali bichromicum, Natrum phos. and Chelidonium, so that this symptom would not indicate Mercurius Protoiodide to the exclusion of all others, but I think I am safe in saying that this remedy has it in the greatest degree.

In diphtheria the swelling of the throat and the formation of membrane begins on the right side, like Lycopodium, and the fœtid breath and flabby tongue, showing imprint of teeth, are generally present. Now if you have the thick yellow coating at the base of the tongue you need not hesitate to give this remedy. In regard to dose, I have seen good results from the 3d trituration to the C. M. potency. For myself I prefer the high, and have had abundant opportunity to test all the different potencies. If you are so prejudiced that you cannot give anything above the 12th because you cannot discover the drug with the microscope, don't give it too long; withdraw it after a few doses and give the powers of reaction a chance.

But diphtheria is not the only disease in which the yellow base of the tongue is an indication for the use of this remedy. Stomach and liver troubles often produce this appearance of the tongue. It is also a good remedy for Hunterian chancre, and no secondary symptoms follow its proper use. Here it must be given high.

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