back Mercurius Sulphuricus

Turpethum Minerale--Yellow Sulphate of Mercury (MERCURIUS SULPHURICUS - HYDRARG. OXYD. SUB-SULPH.)

Watery stools, burning in anus. Sore tip of tongue. Œdema of legs. Sneezing from direct rays of sun. Diarrhœa early in the morning; stool bursts out in a hot stream of yellow matter. Intense evacuations, like rice-water. Scanty, clear, scalding urine. Intense dyspnœa; must sit up. Respiration rapid, short; burning in chest. Hydrothorax (Ars). Cardiac pain and weakness.

Relationship.--Compare: Mercur acet (cutting in urethra when last drop is flowing out).

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