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Yarrow Compositae

Ailments: from over-lifting, over-exertion, or a fall.

Vertigo; when moving slowly, but not when taking violent exercise.

Haemorrhages: painless, without fever; bright red, fluid blood (Acon., Ipec., Sab.); from lungs, bronchi, larynx, mouth, nose, stomach, bladder, rectum, uterus; of mechanical origin (Arn.); of wounds (Ham.).

Wounds which bleed profusely, especially after a fall (Arn., Ham.).

Haemoptysis: after injury; in incipient phthisis; in haemorrhoidal patients; from a ruptured blood vessel.

Painless drainage, from nose, lungs, uterus; after labor or abortion; after great exertion; after miscarriage. Preventive in post- partum haemorrhage.

Menses: early, profuse, protracted; suppressed, with colic pain in abdomen.

Leucorrhoea of children from atony (Cal.).

Cough: with raising of bright blood; in suppressed menses or haemorrhoids; with oppression and palpitation; after a fall from a height (Arn.); after violent extertion; with blood, daily at 4 p. m. (Lyc.).

Relations. - Compare: Erecht. in epistaxis and haemoptysis, blood bright red.

Follows well: after, Acon., and Arn., in haemorrhages.

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