back Muriaticum Acidum

Hydrochloric Acid HCl

Adapted to persons with black hair, dark eyes, dark complexion.

Irritable, peevish, disposed to anger and chagrin (Nux); restlessness and vertigo.

Diseases of an asthenic type, with moaning, unconsciouness, fretfulness.

Ulceration with fungus-like growths and pseudo-like membranous deposits of intestinal tract.

Great debility: as soon as he sits down his eyes close; lower jaw hangs down; slides down in bed.

Mouth and anus are chiefly affected; the tongue and sphincter ani are paralyzed.

Malignant affections of mouth; studded with ulcers, deep, perforating; have a black or dark base; offensive, foul breath; intense prostration; diphtheria, scarlatina, cancer.

Cannot bear the thought or sight of meat (Nit. ac.).

If the anus be very sensitive either with or without haemorrhoids; anus sore during menses.

Haemorrhoids: swollen, blue, sensitive and painful to touch; appear suddenly in children; too sore to bear least touch, even the sheet is uncomfortable. Prolapse while urinating.

Diarrhoea: stool involuntary while urinating; on passing wind (Aloe); cannot urinate without having the bowels move at the same time.

Urine passes slowly; bladder weak, must wait a long time; has to press so that the anus protrudes.

Cannot bear least touch, not even of sheet on genitals (Murex).

Typhoid or typhus; deep stupid sleep; unconscious while awake; loud moaning or muttering; tongue coated at edges, shrunken, dry, leather- like, paralyzed; involuntary fetid stools while passing urine; sliding down in bed; pulse intermits every third beat.

Palpitation of heart is felt in the face.

Freckles; eczema solaris.

Relations. - Follows well: after, Bry., Mer., Rhus.

Cures the muscular weakness following excessive use of opium and tobacco.

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