back Murex Purpurea

Is a remedy which, though not extensively proven, bids fair to become exceedingly useful so far as we know, it comes nearer to Sepia than any other remedy and the characteristic deference between them is, that with Murex there is great, almost uncontrollable sexual desire, while with Sepia there is a lack of or aversion to the same, especially with prolapsus.

Both remedies have "sinking, all gone" sensation in the stomach; also "bearing down" sensation, as if internal organs would be out, must sit and cross limbs to ameliorate the pressure, but the sexual irritation and desire of Murex is excited by the least contact of the parts. (Orig., Zinc)

Again, Murex has a sore pain in uterus, something like Helonias, which is expressed as "conscious of a womb," feels it more when she moves, it is so sore and tender. (Lyssin.) Two other remedies must be remembered in nymphomania, viz, Lilium and Platina.

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