back Natrium Carbonicum

Carbonate of Soda Na2CO3,10H2O

Constitutions with aversion to open air and dislike to exercise, mental or physical; imbecility.

Great debility: caused by heat of summer (Ant-c.); exhaustion from least effort, mental or physical; ready to drop after a walk; chronic effects of sunstroke.

Chronic effects of sunstroke; now, with the return of hot weather, suffers from headaches.

Emaciation with pale face and blue rings around the eyes, dilated pupils; dark urine; anaemic; milky, watery skin and great debility.

Inability to think or perform any mental labor, causes headache; feels stupefied if he tries to exert himself; comprehension slow, difficult.

Intolerable melancholy and apprehension; is wholly occupied with sad thoughts.

Attacks of anxiety and restlessness during a thunder storm (Phos.); < from music (Sab.).

Headache: from slightest mental exertion; form sun or working under gaslight (Glon., Lach.); with tension in nape or occiput before menses; head feels too large, as it it would burst.

Face pale, with blue rings around eyes; eyelids swollen; catarrh; mucus in throat and posterior nares; constantly hawking to clear throat; dropping into the throat from posterior nares.

Catarrh: extends to posterior nares and throat; hawking much thick mucus from throat; profuse discharge during day, stopped at night (Nux).

Thick, yellow, green, offensive, musty, hard discharge from nose; often ceasing after a meal.

Aversion to milk; diarrhoea from it. Bearing down as if everything would come out (Agar., Lil., Mur., Sep.); heaviness, < sitting, > by moving.

Discharge of mucus from vagina after an embrace, causing sterility.

Easy dislocation and spraining of ankle (Led.); so weak that it give way; foot bends under (Carbo-an., Nat-m.).

Relations. - Compare: Nat-s., for yeast-like vomiting; Cal., Sep.

Follows well: after, Sep., in bearing down.

Aggravations. - From music; in the sun; excessive summer heat; mental exertion; a thunder storm.

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