back Ptelea Trifoliata

Another liver remedy, for it has one very characteristic symptom, viz.: Aching and heaviness in the region of the liver, greatly aggravated by lying on the left side; turning to the left causes a dragging sensation. (See Bryonia, which is also < lying on left side and has the dragging sensation. Remember, Bryonia is generally > lying on painful side.) Magnesia mur., you will remember, has all these symptoms, termed "bilious," but like Mercurius, it is worse when lying on the right side. Then Mercurius is apt to have loose stools, while Magnesia mur. is greatly constipated. Ptelea may have either constipation or diarrhœa, or, like Nux vomica, constipation and diarrhœa alternately. I cured one bad case of liver trouble with Ptelea after œdema of the feet and legs had set in; she had the symptoms, could not lie comfortably on the left side; her breathing was becoming oppressed, and I thought the case looked as if it would not be very likely to be much better. I used the 30th in this case. The trouble rapidly disappeared and never returned. I considered it a brilliant cure.

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